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DMC Thread Packs

Thread packs are now available.


If you would like a quote please fill in the form on this page providing the below information.

1) A link to the chart you would like is preferred but you can also list the designer, chart name, artist and chart size.

2) Stitch count you would like the thread pack to be in (I only offer 14 count, 18 count and 25 count so will alter to nearest count for example 16 count would equate to 14 count).

If a chart needs 032 kreinik it will be replaced with b5200.

Once quote has been sent and the price agreed you will have a choice of either a Paypal invoice or a Custom Listing can be added to the website if you prefer to pay by credit card or LayBuy.

We do not offer individual 8m lengths for sales as this is not permitted by DMC.

All thread packs are individual to your order and the threads will be different lengths depending on the amounts needed per colour.

No charts will be included and you must purchase these through the individual company.

Customers who are ordering from outside of UK please note that any customs or import charges are your responsibility. If I do overcharge on postage you will be refunded once I take to the Post Office.

Thread Packs will take up to 6 weeks depending on how many orders are before you.

We have a Thread Packs Facebook group which you can also join if you wish.

Request A Quote

We'll get back to you shortly.

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